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Research and Development

Niro's R & D department implements one of the most rigorous pollution and green energy conscious programs aimed at providing alternative sources of low-impact fuels and technology that permit the refining process to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Corporate Responsibility

Niro takes corporate responsibility seriously in the realm of developing clean and green technology to reduce emissions and to utilize the sludge that had been traditionally produced from the crude oil refining processes and is able to reprocess the sludge into bunker oil. This process utilizes up to 99% of each barrel of oil; thereby, reducing emissions and the problem of having to store and destroy oil sludge, which traditionally made up 10 to 15% of each barrel of oil. This has dramatically reduced air pollution and other forms of environmental pollution and in effect has brought an important solution to a complex set of problems that have traditionally faced the oil refining industry. This has made Niro Energy a leader for tomorrow in the oil and gas industry. 

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Socio-Economic Projects

Niro Energy has invested substantial sums of capital into humanitarian and socio-economic projects of their own in a philanthropic effort to ease poverty and provide jobs for millions of people worldwide. Niro remains committed to ensuring that hunger is eradicated from all nations possible throughout the world. 



Niro Energy is a is a privately held energy company with the financial capacity to purchase and refine substantial amounts of crude oil. Niro stands ready, willing and able to enter into long term contracts for substantial quantities of oil and gas. It is our sincere desire to accomplish our mutual goals of making quality products to meet the demands of a growing economy and nation.


We are a multi-national company with installations and facilities on an International scale, and accordingly boasts its pride in its refining and processing ability currently in excess of 35,000,000 barrels monthly of Through-Put-Capacity, concentrating its efforts on purchasing and refining of crude oil in classifications and categories delivering steady supplies of quality end-user-products to its downstream distribution networks. Niro's corporate footprint expands across six continents and growing.

Niro has also developed a reputation in the international banking and finance arena. Through commodities trading, securitization, underwriting and other revenue enhancing models, Niro has been able to successfully profit from a different aspect of the oil and gas industry. 

Niro is comprised of especially talented, uniquely qualified people strategically assembled into a highly functioning team. Together, they make Niro a diversified global company ready to meet the needs of a fast-paced, changing world. 



ICE - Infinite Capacitor Energy.
A next generation charging energy

Why has it been so challenging to develop next-generation battery technology? Inspiring and electrifying battery technology has been under development for some time... and it is now being introduced to the global market with twenty patents and ownership exclusivity by Niro Energy. Our new battery technology and next-gen architecture addresses multiple requirements simultaneously, including enabling charging in minutes. It has fast charging of 0 to 100% by eliminating design bottlenecks. It has an increased life span from 50 to 100 years by eliminating capacity loss. It's Solid-State construct is nonflammable and noncombustible. The battery units can be produced in any shape, form or size.



Ramzi Alafandi is the CEO of Niro Energy. He has the value-added technical expertise, as an innovative thinker and an accomplished humanitarian, while promoting safe, sustainable growth in the oil and gas sector through development, collaboration and strategic innovation. He wants to ensure a better world through eco-conscious efforts, particularly clean air and water, and socio-economic efforts, focused on the eradication of poverty and hunger, while deploying economic prosperity programs using sustainability initiatives. 




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